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we love a green world优秀英语作文【附中文】

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  All over the sky of dust storm, all kinds of animals are in danger of the world, melting glaciers, everything will disappear. This is our planet.

  Old and cool the verdant trees to die do not know where, colorful flowers and green grass is no longer come back. All this is caused by man himself. Even the Pacific will dry up; The world will become the biggest Sahara; Even mount Everest will be the biggest sand dunes; Even the earth will be the biggest sand grains in the space.

  Cutting down trees, to build factories, waste, destruction of vegetation, countless human crimes. But all this evil, or returned to the people's own head, so people this species has finally gone...

  Then how to do? I don't want to leave my home, I also want to survive!

  Can, of course, but there is only one way, that is, from now on the protection and preservation of ou做什么能查出癫痫r home, a bit green. Find the once beautiful.

  You can't kind of a tree, but you can plant a tree grass, you can go to throw rubbish into the trash can, you can save a drop of water, save electricity, once if everybody can do it, that the disaster will never have.

  Can't do great things, but can do little things, one small matter that is to happen.

  Reproduce a opportunity, let our earth again, make our home become beautiful.

  I believe that we'll soon see the green. See the life, the love, that smile.

  Blowing straight the gentle cool breeze, the green, green shade under the waves of cool idea bring summer is relaxed.











  Bamboo of curvature of the fresh green, I am very appreciated.

  I have a special feeling for bamboo of curvature of the, from its color, that green, blue, green, shiny; Lovely deep thorough, deep. Bright green, make you feel regret. Moreover, stem is green, it is not printed in the same mould, but do not have lasting appeal, there like jade, natural beauty, without a touch of polluted air. Finely forceful tender bine, symbolic significance of the green, green and charm, mor南京比较好的癫痫病治疗医院e like a beauty of a woman's body, dimly, covered with the green gauze clothing. However, I seem to feel that root is, it seems to be to dye the color, the bright green, make root is firmly to live, but you see the green the spring up like this, very high, and form the flow of the green lake, how interesting! Is not only in this way, it is also the most prominent, the green life all the time affects it, over long life, it will not rewrite the history of green, green youth, will life with it!

  Who knows, it is silent, silent solitude. It does not have the moment of flowering, also don't have a lot of flash memory, and it has just reflection of the green, green, but the more such, it is still in for their own green devotion and effort. It knows oneself a life of obscurity, how small is, find countless sorrowful but contempt, but it happened to be like this, tenacity, growth and lonely哪里治疗癫痫比较好. Whether good or bad or not, it is want to create a green world, green homes. Flowers and leafy, Ye Zhongzhi, most often is with green bamboo of curvature of the.

  On the green, natural icing on the cake.

  Several days later, the bamboo of curvature of the spinal and that deep LuHen show it.







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